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AÇOS TORRES markets steel bars for the heavy machinery, commercial, energy, oil and gas industries, among others. One of its distinctive traits lies in its inventory – particular note being due to gauges up to 60”.


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With over 10 years’ experience, AÇOS TORRES offers a complete machining infrastructure and production line capable of everything from roughing bars with rough finishing to the execution of customized parts.

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AÇOS TORRES is ISO 9001:2015, certified.
It guarantees quality and reliability to customers across Brazil, providing versatile, qualitative, dynamic service at competitive prices.

Gauges in stock up to 1,500 mm diameter and the capacity to deliver bespoke parts according to customer-provided designs and plans.

Operating from a 12,000-square meter manufacturing facility in the São Paulo State Capital, AÇOS TORRES invests constantly in new technologies, machinery and late-generation equipment. Using high-precision cutting, it can machine parts up to 1,200 mm diameter.





Cast Iron

AÇOS TORRES is at your side in the challenges of your production

Large stock of carbon and alloy steels for the entire mechanical industry.
Bars, rings, discs, and various other parts with special finishes and designs.
We supply the hydro and wind power areas all over Brazil.

Steels for equipment, machines, and agricultural implements.

From 12.7 mm
to 330 mm

From 140 mm
to 1,500.00 mm