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AÇOS TORRES markets steel bars for the heavy machinery, commercial, energy, oil and gas industries, among others.
One of its distinctive traits lies in its inventory – particular note being due to gauges up to 60”.

With over 10 years’ experience, AÇOS TORRES offers a range of products that includes round and square bars for mechanical construction and a comprehensive cutting, machining and trepanning infrastructure.

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AÇOS TORRES is ISO 9001:2015 certified. It guarantees quality and reliability to customers across Brazil, providing versatile, qualitative, dynamic service at competitive prices.

Varied and complete stock, guaranteeing
distribution for the entire Brazilian territory.

Operating from a 12,000-square meter manufacturing facility in the São Paulo State Capital, AÇOS TORRES invests constantly in new technologies, machinery and late-generation equipment. Using high-precision cutting, it can machine parts up to 1,200 mm diameter. Its range of products that includes round and square bars for mechanical construction and a comprehensive cutting, machining and trepanning infrastructure with the capacity to deliver bespoke parts made according to each customer’s design and needs.

Round Rolled Bars up to 330.00 mm

Forged Steel up to 1500 mm

The quality of the services AÇOS TORRES provides comes from investment in technology and equipment, processes improvement, and human resources development and recycling. In its pursuit of constant improvement, the company partners with the biggest steel mills in Brazil and around the world.

Optical Spectrometer

Chemical composition verification


KING Durometer

Measuring Unit HBW Load 3000Kgf
Measuring capacity up to (o)320mm

Metallographic Quality Control

AÇOS TORRES has a complete machining infrastructure. Its production line can do everything, from straightening rough-finished bars through to machining parts according to requested designs and plans, providing quality semi-finished products.

Safe and reliable products developed with due consideration given to the
Planet’s natural resources.

AÇOS TORRES‘ product line includes round and square bars for mechanical construction and complete infrastructure for cutting, machining, and trepanning. The company’s traceability system follows the standards of origin and quality of the raw material, with strict control of batches, from receipt to delivery to the customer. Throughout the process, ultrasound testing and laboratory analysis ensure the compliance of the materials.

Our mission is to provide the best supply solutions for mechanical construction steel, with speed and quality.

Our values

RELATIONSHIPS • We honor our tradition and family spirit; we recognize loyalty, trust and dedication. We are humble and admire humility.

QUALITY • Our product must be the benchmark for quality. We uphold this choice by embracing continued improvement, building our employees’ technical skills and our suppliers’ excellence.

A FOCUS ON CUSTOMERS • We listen carefully to our customers and will face any challenge to serve their needs.

AFETY AND WELL-BEING • Safety is non-negotiable for us. We develop self-reporting and take care of one another. We strive to make everyone feel appreciated, accomplished and happy.

BUSINESS SUSTAINABILITY • We take responsibility for our Planet, and engage in waste and risk management. We uphold human dignity, respect workers’ rights and reach out to the community. We draw enthusiasm from our own prosperity and our customers’ and suppliers’ as well. We defend human dignity, respect workers’ rights, and get involved with the community. We vibrate in our prosperity, and that of our customers and suppliers.


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